most1 W1S1 [məust US moust] adv
1.) [used before an adjective or adverb to form the superlative]
having the greatest amount of a particular quality
≠ ↑least
She's one of the most experienced teachers in the district.
The most important thing is to stay calm.
A recent study showed that gardening is easily the most popular activity among the over 50s.
We shall find out which system works most effectively.
It is the kind of tea most often served in Chinese restaurants.
2.) to a greater degree or more times than anything else
What annoyed him most was the way she wouldn't even listen.
I guess the food I eat most is pasta.
Most of all , I just felt sad that it was over.
3.) [+adjective/adverb] formal
Thank you for a most interesting evening.
I was most surprised to hear of your engagement.
4.) AmE informal almost
He plays poker most every evening.
When you mean 'nearly all' use most , not the most : Most pupils wanted to go to university (NOT The most pupils wanted to go to university).
Use the most when you are comparing one person or thing with all others : It was the most terrifying experience of my life.
In spoken English, you can also use the most when you are talking about just two people or things : Who's the most talented - Will or Gareth? but some users of English think that this use is incorrect and use the more instead : Who is the more talented - Will or Gareth?
!! Do not use most with the -est form of an adjective or adverb : one of the hardest things to do (NOT one of the most hardest things to do)
most 2
most2 W1S1 determiner, pron [the superlative of 'many' and 'much']
1.) nearly all of the people or things in a group, or nearly all of something
= ↑the majority
Like most people, I try to take a vacation every year.
Most research in this field has been carried out by the Russians.
most of
It was Sunday and most of the shops were shut.
Most of what Hannah told me wasn't true.
Some were barefoot, most were in rags.
most of the time/most days etc
Most of the time it's very quiet here.
Most evenings we just stay in and watch TV.
2.) a larger amount or number than anyone or anything else
the most
The team that scores the most points wins.
Which class has the most children in it?
It's unfair that you should have to pay the most when you earn so little.
The animal that caused most trouble was a little black puppy.
3.) the largest number or amount possible
The aim is to help patients to obtain most benefit from their treatment.
the most
The most you can hope to achieve is just to get him to listen to your ideas.
4.) at (the) most
used to say that you think an amount cannot be larger than the amount you are mentioning
It'll take 20 minutes at the most.
There were at most 50 people in the audience.
The boy looked nine at the very most (=he was probably younger) .
5.) for the most part
used to say that something is generally true but not completely true
For the most part, people seemed pretty friendly.
6.) make the most of sth/get the most out of sth
to gain the greatest possible advantage from something
Charming and friendly, she will help you make the most of your visit.
advice on how to get the most out of your computer

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